A Personal Message from Santa Claus

The Big Man has something he wants to say to you.

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In this week’s edition of Tips From Dad, I am sharing something that I have a feeling you will want to try out instantly on your friends and family. But before we get into the details, there’s an urgent message that Santa Claus wanted me to share with you. Click the button below to watch!

A Message from the North Pole

Is that cool or what?

Yes, we live in an age when artificial intelligence can make Santa say anything you want (as long as it’s clean)! This is obviously a brilliant marketing scheme from a company that wants to attract businesses to use AI hosts for their videos, and it will cost you the sharing of an email address, but otherwise I think it’s pretty harmless yuletide fun!

It also says on the site that each script submitted for a Santa video is reviewed by a real live human (not an artificial one) to ensure that you’re not using AI Santa to blackmail someone or for any other dirty or devious purposes. Given the review process, you should expect delays in the reception of your video. It took about 6 hours for me to get mine both times that I tried it, so plan your shenanigans accordingly! Now I’m just waiting for AI Santa to show up in his own Hallmark Christmas movie.

More Fun With AI

If you’re looking for some photographic fun using AI, there are two new services you should check out.

If your Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram/TikTok profile image could use a more professional or fun look, try Profile Pic Maker. As the name implies, it will take any photo that you upload and automagically remove the background, allowing you to apply different full color backgrounds or gradients with the click of a button to create a trendy new headshot.

If your profile needs something a little more fun or you’ve always wondered what you might look like as a cartoon, then Toon Me is the website for you. I tried it out and it worked pretty well, even if our AI overlords couldn’t tell that my eyes are actually brown. Not sure when or why I would ever need a photo like this, but that sums up about 3/4 of the Internet, doesn’t it?

What to Hear

Socks | JD McPherson

Last week I shared my list of 24 Christmas Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard Before, and this week I want to introduce you to an entire Christmas album that I had never heard before!

This 2018 gem from JD McPherson features 10 sweet tracks that will get your foot tapping instantaneously and make someone like me (who used to go swing dancing regularly before children happened) want to hit the dancefloor. Full disclosure: I turned this on last night and hosted a quick swingin’ sock hop in our kitchen after the kids went to bad. It’s hard to pick a favorite track, since they all have really catchy hooks and very clever premises/lyrics. I suggest you check out “Bad Kid”, “Socks”, “Claus Vs. Claus” (about Santa and Mrs. Claus working out a marital dispute) and the simply awesome “Hey Skinny Santa!”. That one is right below to save you time:

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