And now for something completely different...

January 2021

Just what you need after a long night of shoveling.
A few tools to make you healthy, wealthy and wise. Or at least healthy and wise.

December 2020

Everybody loves "White Christmas" and "Elf," but here are a few cinematic Christmas diamonds in the rough.
How else will you spend your quarantined Christmastime?
Cartoon musical treats for the young and young at heart
The Big Man has something he wants to say to you.

November 2020

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas by not listening to that song for the 400th time.
Here's a palatable-for-adults reading list for your kids or any other little people in your life who love story time.
Because coming up with 10 was too hard.
The Schaumburg Sculpture Park, a game to play with leaves, and a podcast to try

October 2020

Leaves and rivers and bridges, oh my!